Weekend trip: Goriška Brda (Slovenia).

I have mentioned about us buying an old car. After 8 months of driving around with bicycles and sitting at home at sunny weekend (I do exaggerate a bit :D) we decided it’s time to explore our tiny cure country. So we bought an old Toyota Yaris which is just perfect for us. We both love to eat good and drink some nice wine, so we decided to go to Goriška Brda region which is famous for their wine production. It also looks like little Tuscany!


Goriška Brda weekend trip

If you’re visiting Slovenia and want to see more than just Ljubljana-Bled-Postonjska jama-Piran trip (which are really nice).  It’s best to rent a car and be free to explore whatever you want. This region is also really nice to explore by bike if you’re into it. Check out this weekend trip to Goriška Brda.

  1. Tolmin Gorges: For 4 eur of admission fee, you get to step into another world, full of wild rivers, moss and fairies. Go early and you will be alone. It was meditating only to watch this beautiful blue river.
  2. Trout for lunch in one of the restaurants on the way (one of the options is Zatolmin restaurant)
  3. Kanal na SočiGo down to the river bank and get some nice photographs of the bridge. You can even swim nearby if it’s summer.
  4. Krčnik brudge: Made by nature itself, Krčnik bridge doesn’t see a lot of tourists. We enjoyed it by ourselves. Kotline, 3 matural pools nearby, of course we didn’t find.
  5. Šmartno: Old medieval fortress, Šmartno feels like stepping into a living room of knights. It feels almost private or one of the sets of Game of Thrones. There’s this tiny cure bar called Pr’ Naad where they serve delicous coffe.
    (Presenečenje izleta. Ena najbolj cute vasic, kar sva jih videla. Priporočava kavico Pr’ Naad!)
  6. Dobrovo castle:  Good for a stroll.
  7. Sunset and wine: Wherever you are spending the night in Goriška Brda, I’m sure they have a bottle or two 🙂 The wine in Goriška Brda is delicious (and also exported to Australia, Japan, USA and other parts of Europe, bam!). You can also visit a wine cellar and go for a wine tasting. Preferably in a cellar nearby 😀
  8. Time to rest for another day of exploring around Goriška Brda.
  9. Breakfast and driving around nearby villages  which basically means cup of coffee, taking pictures and smelling the cherry blossoms (don’t forget the cherry festival in june!).
  10. Sabotin hill:  Have a nice walk to the ruins of church of St. Valentin and visit the remnants of 1.st world war. If you get hungry (like we did) you can have lunch in the restaurant there.
  11. That’s about it for this weekend.
  12. If you’re feeling sleepy after lunch you can stop on the gas station and have a nap. It happened to Mic, twice! Seat down and 15 min beauty nap while I patiently wait with coffee in hand 😀
  13. Back to Ljubljana or wherever you’re staying.

Costs of weekend trip to Goriška brda for 2 people

Gas: 22 eur
Sleeping: 70 eur (we got one night as a present from family); not many budget options here.
Food: 35 eur
Extras: 10 eur (wine, coffee …)
Entrance fees: 8 eur

Alltogether: 145 eur

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