My Gran Canaria itinerary

Gran Canaria mountain road

Our friend Nina visited Gran Canaria recently and had a great time roadtrippin around this beautiful island. Check out her advice and itinerary for Gran Canaria.

My Gran Canaria itinerary – based on my mistakes, favourite places and successful daily trips with hired car

This was my second time visiting Gran Canaria. If you’re craving some sun during the last Spring months, this is one of the cheapest trips to take. However, the nature of this island is seamlessly beautiful, sandy beaches are vast and picturesque, and the vibe of the locals is nice and loose.

When I visited Gran Canaria for the first time, I went there with my friends, and the second time I went with my husband. Both times I wanted to be free and explore this volcanic island, so I suggested to hire a car. Car hire prices in Gran Canaria are fairly reasonable. If you book it in advance, you can get a nice car for 10 to 15 EUR per day. Regarding the size of this island, it would be a shame if you would do this trip carless.

Gran Canaria mountains

My mistake – learn from it

When I visited Gran Canaria for the first time, I made a mistake – I visited it in July. Yeah . . . Don’t do that. When Summer in Gran Canaria (late May to September), the temperatures are just too high for me personally.

This time I went in early March and it was perfect. Daily temperatures in this time of year raise up to 30ºC, but nights are still nicely fresh. Also, nature in late Spring is so much more vibrant. Hike to Roque Bentayga or walk in Jardin Canario is just amazing at this time.

Maybe you would like this itinerary as well . . .

So, it made me think. I’ve learned from my mistake and since I hired a car both times, I have a feeling I have a pretty good sense of what to see and what to skip. Many of my friends asked me for advice on how to experience Gran Canaria and I noticed my proposed itinerary is always the same.

Gran Canaria pier

This is it: My Gran Canaria itinerary I created for my friends and family, and I believe firmly in it

First of all, Airbnb is seriously cheaper than staying in a hotel. Plus, me and my husband are not a resort-type-of-a-couple, so we prefer staying in an apartment from where we can drive to any place we feel like. Gran Canaria has numerous beaches all around so there is no reason you would stay at one place the whole time.

Renting an apartment also allows us to have control about our culinary choices and fun-time.

I prefer South part of Gran Canaria. Book ahead and easily you’ll find charming apartments near the seaside – for a price around 70 EUR per night. In Meloneras you’ll found endless cafes, bars and restaurants. Nearby sandy beaches will please you most of days and for the rest of it, you’ll have time to explore Gran Canaria with your car.

First day:

Hire a car at Gran Canaria Las Palmas Airport. Drive to the South to your chosen apartment or a resort if that’s your thing. Explore the city of Meloneras by foot and go for a cake or Effes.

Nearby beaches:

The south has some of the most beautiful beaches, although they are pretty vast and crowded. Playa del Inglés is probably the most famous one. Maspalomas is also a beach worthy of your visit. Camel riding is popular there – and I must say a fun experience. Also, the nearby dunes are a sight to see – and take pictures of it. If you can’t hold still – like me – Pozo Izquierdo could be a great choice for you. It’s a windsurfing heaven on earth.

Daily trips:

After a few days of bathing in the sun and exploring mainstream beaches, you’ll want to go away – to find some peace and quiet and explore Gran Canaria. That’s when a car will become your saviour.

Hike to Roque Nublo

Roque Nublo is a volcanic centre of the volcanic Gran Canaria. You can drive there to see the volcanic crater of Caldera de Tejeda or you can book a 10km tour, which will reveal all of the amazingness of its surroundings.

Explore Valley of Azuaje

After of few days of rocky scenery and sandy beaches, it’s nice to see some greens and lively river. There are several guided tours if you don’t want to go alone.

Sand dunes Maspalomas, Gran Canaria

Jardin Canario

This is one of my favourite places in Gran Canaria. I just love nature and discover unusual vegetation of the world. Jardin Canario is a beautiful botanical garden – free of charge – and magical place for a long stroll with your loved one.

Palmitos Park

I’m not so much into trained dolphins and zoos but Palmitos Park has something I find quite amazing – a butterfly house. It’s a walk-through greenhouse – packed with more butterflies you could count. A number of plants, colourful orchids and fragile butterflies are truly amazing . . .

Las Palmas – the capital of Gran Canaria

If you’re like me, you always visit the old part of the country you’re in. For Gran Canaria, this is Vegueta – which is UNESCO protected as a World Heritage Site. Be sure to visit Casa de Colon (Christoper Columbus’ house which was turned into the museum) while you’re there. After you’ll have enough of wandering you can relax on a golden Playa de Las Canteras.

Watch the stars in Maspalomas

If you’ll stay in Maspalomas you’ll have a wonderful opportunity to watch the starts like a professional. AstroGC organizes excellent astronomy workshops – designed according to the night’s sky of the day of a workshop.

Hope this article helps your visit to Gran Canaria. I’m sure you’ll have a great time!

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