Home after 552 days.

After a really hot night (and day) in Zagreb, we boarded a train to Ljubljana. We crossed the border quite fast and we could’ help but to look outside. We are in Slovenia. Our home country. After 552 days of traveling. Happy but little bit sad. Anxious. Smiling.

Outside we saw beautiful fields, green forest and clear rivers. Amazingly fresh countryside. This day has come after so many adventures, happy moments and salty tears. It’s hard to explain but it felt wrong and right at the same time. A chapter ends and new one begins.

Povsod je lepo :)

We didn’t call anyone. We didn’t even had phone numbers. Train stopped and we got of. The smell was sweet. I felt dizzy. My mind was full of observations, I looked up and down and every building, read every commercial sign and heard every word which I now understood. Everything. It was hot so we walked to a nearby bar and ordered two Slovenian beers, Laško and Union. A friend came and took us home and I finally got to hug one of my favourite people in the world, my mom. We have settled in one room of her apartment (thanks, mom!). In the next days we visited some friends and family, but not too much. One at a time, with lots of time for ourselves. We need this time because we have lived together 24/7 for a year and a half. It’s hard to cut that umbilical cord 🙂

At first I felt so confused. I knew the streets, I knew where I was going, there were no surprises! What? I felt I had too much choice, too much food in the fridge, too much clothes. So I focused on some food. I put away a third of my clothes. And started being grateful for clean clothes. Nice mattress. AC when it’s 40C outside. Getting to hug my mom every day. Cheese. Wine. Family and friends. Slowly getting back on track. New chapter begins 🙂

Povsod je lepo :)

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