Tea trekking from Hsipaw to Kyaukme. Part II.

This is our second part of Hsipaw trekking. You can read the first one here.

We ate black bees for dinner. Whaaaaat? Yes. With dinner of rice and a big bowl of soup from which everyone eats came the bees. Big black poisonous bees with larvae! They are some kind of a specialty and we were lucky to try them. I tried one of each and that was enough for me (the taste was ok but sight of the bees was scary!). Definitely the strangest dish of our Hsipaw trekking. Or one year travels.
We lay down on the floor near the Buddha ‘room’, a place where the family prays for good fortune in the next life. Sleep came fast on the soft matters on the floor while the Christmas lights on the shrine were still twinkling.

Little village gangstas.

Next morning we had the normal breakfast of rice and side dishes. And a small cup of fried red ants. Yikes! We sure seem to be eating a lot of insects lately. They were not that bad, though, the taste was a bit sour (ants are known to be full of acid). Our second day gave us amazing views, with no tourists in sight and we hardly saw any locals. We walked up and down the valleys and we didn’t stop so much because there was no villages on the way. After 20 km and reaching the sunset hour we arrived to our overnight village, where our place to sleep was… in a monastery!

This day was  a long one with lots of walking and we were really, really exhausted. A kind young monk greeted us without English and his three cats started purring right away. It was nice to rest in this old teak monastery, with several big statues of Buddha just in the next room. Ou legs were tired but our minds rested and with the electricity gone we we enjoyed the soft focus of monastery in candlelight. At night the heavy rain started and I guess the animists had their wish granted.

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