Tea trekking from Hsipaw to Kyaukme. Part III.

View of the morning clouds that are stuck in the valley. Hsipaw trekking.

You can read about the first and second part of our Hsipaw trekking.

Because of the heavy rain at night we decided to spend one more day in this village, rest our sore legst and wait for the trail to dry. Just beside the monastery there is a 300-years old complex of pagodas which is just amazing. Imagine to have a miniature Bagan just for yourself, in the middle of nowhere!

300 old pagodas just beside the monastery in the remote village. Hsipaw trekking.

500m away there is a small hill with big white pagoda where the main monk lives. It’s also a very nice place to see the sunset. The big boss (=main monk) went to the next village to a 3-day chanting event, while the younger monks were alone in the temple. Theyput the radio full on and sang on the speakers and suddenly we realised the monks are boys, too. They still have fun and sing if they want to 🙂 It seems the type of Buddhism is not so strict as in Sri Lanka and Thailand. I was surprised when the monk shook my hand as we left, thinking that they can’t even touch a woman. Some monks are not even monks for the whole year but they go back to normal life couple of months a year and help their parents on the farm.
It was time to say goodbye to the monks and the cats (and to my shoes as well 🙁 – someone took  them and then the nuns gave me one pair of their hiking shoes. So nice!).

Monk and his cat, playing. Hsipaw trekking.

Monk and his cat.

The third day was 5 hours of cloudy and easy walking. We ate soup made of mustard leaves (which is delicious), saw the village of women with black teeth and big earrings (back then you had to pay more money to marry black toothed lady) and found a nice sunset place before we took of for our overnight village with our headlights. We slept in the room full of smoke from the fireplace in the middle of the room and the next room was full of interesting people.

Picture of a lady with black teeth. Hsipaw trekking.

Beautiful lady.

This is where it gets a bit complicated to write about a sensitive subject and that’s why I’ll post about it later.
Last day was maybe the hardest one. We walked for 7 hours and it was not easy because we knew this beautiful trek is ending. Near the end a real storm hit us and we were soaked! But we finished our experience with a good lunch and a rainbow in the sky. What else could we wish for? 🙂

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