Hype around Ubud. And why nobody goes to Batur.

Maybe you’re wondering why aren’t we crazily running around Bali, taking pictures and manufacturing posts. The reason is that we’ve both been here before and we chose the city we liked best. Ubud. It seems like everybody likes Ubud. But why? Rice fields. Well, one main reason was Eat, pray, love book from Elizabeth Gilbert. She found ‘worldly enjoyment and divine transcedence’ in Ubud and made hoards of American women do the same 🙂 I didn’t like the book, btw. But I loved Ubud 🙂 It has a charm. Gunung Kawi. Beautiful green rice fields (my favorite color from now on is rice-field-green :D), friendly Balinese culture and ceremonies (Balinese Hinduism) that makes the roads smell of sweet incense, loads of art and art museums, jewelry shops, and lastly lots of yoga, raw restaurants, small organic shops and natural cosmetics. Yes, western influence is very present. Prices are not for budget travelers and we’re staying out of small boutique shops. Souvenirs. The onlything that bothers us is that it’s so hard to find a good coffee and cake at reasonable prices (under 1,5 eur). Buuut you can find cute hipster coffee studios with loads of different coffee and crazy yoga leggings and indulge a little bit 🙂 We’ve visited Batur twice with a motorbike. It offers you beautiful views at the volcano and the lake. Everybody stops at the top, at different view points and dines at quite expensive restaurants. But nobody actually goes down in the city and takes a ride (or walk) near the lake, where people are nice and roosters crow under the baskets, waiting for a fight (we didn’t see any rooster fights, it’s a dorm of gambling here and goes on every night). The city is almost empty. But maybe that’s why it’s so beautiful and calm. Try the lake fish if you go there, delicious! After 3 weeks in Ubud we finally managed to visit the monkey forest. Full of naughty monkeys! Whatcha lookin at? We’re moving to Gili Air tomorrow, sad to leave but excited for new islands. Snorkeling time!

2 Comments on “Hype around Ubud. And why nobody goes to Batur.

  1. Hi Katja

    I came across your blog because I was asking google, how/where to learn ukulele on gili air 🙂

    We’re in Ubud right now and going to Gili Air in a few days.

    Do you know if there is a good shop on gili air to buy a good/solid ukulele? Or where did you buy yours?

    Maybe I’ll find someone on gili air who can teach me how to play… 🙂

    Have fun and enjoy your time!

    • Hi! Haha, that’s a fun way to come across this blog 🙂
      We bought our ukuleles in Slovenia and I would advise you to buy yours in Ubud (preferably in a shop with guitars&co.). You won’t find one on Gili Air I’m afraid. And the same goes for the lessons. People here play the guitar, they can teach you to strum but the chords are easier.
      Buuut we learned everything on our own, with the help of youtube tutorials and ukutabs.cmn which has all the cool songs for ukulele.
      Hope this helps 🙂 Enjoy Gili Air!

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