I dream of Andaman Islands.

Elephant taking a bath on Andaman islands, ndia.

Andaman islands

No need for dreaming! Here they are, just a plane ticket and 90 eur away. Mic found a connection between Kolkata to Portblair and we’re probably going to hop on that train of heaven. I mean plane 🙂

Andaman islands and Nicobar Islands are a large group islands in the Bay of Bengal and most of them belong to India, some of them to Myanmar. Portblair is the capital and has lots of good seafood, there is beautiful marine life on the islands which means lots of snorkeling (YES!) and scuba diving. The most touristic one is Havelock Island (funny fact: names of the beaches are numbers. Beach #5 here we come!) and there are some without tourism like Long Island. Very Robinson Crusoe-y 🙂 You can see mud volcanos, limestone caves, the only volcano in India and mangrove forests. They all have beautiful beaches and relaxed vibe which will be very soothing after hectic India mainland. Oooh, all the turqoise <3

The original inhabitants of Andaman and Nicobar Islands were aboriginal tribes and only 9 islands of nearly 600 are open to tourists. There are some tribes that have no contact with the rest of the world and no one can get to them. It just seems surreal that there are people living like this and we know about them, read about them on the internet like I just did. Feels a bit like Big Brother to me.

There are lots of special birds to watch and I kinda stumbled across ‘edible bird’s nest‘ which costs around 2000$ per kg. I guess they harvest them on these islands and it is very popular in China (where else). Out of it they make Bird’s nest soup. Eeeeeew!

The dream became a reality where we really visited Andaman islands.


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