Island hopping in Port Barton.

Green lush jungle, blue clear water and white sand. Small paradise beaches like the one from Cast Away (no Wilson, tough) :). The snorkeling is decent (if you’re not spoiled by Banda islands, like we are) and you see turtles feeding on the corals.
There are several options for a day trip (700P) and you can even sleep on some of the islands. We really wanted to but in the end didn’t find enough people for the price to be friendly.

Small islands.

Meanwhile, we’re still enjoying Port Barton with probably the friendliest people we’ve ever met in whole Asia. We visited the waterfall (1h away) where we cooled down in the fresh water. White beach is also 1h of jungle walk away with no people there so you can have the perfect beach to yourself. If you stroll just a little bit from the village you see tons of rice fields with water buffalos, pigs and geese.


In town there is a big basketball championship going on. They have 3 referees, a good speaker and a score board on which the little ones write the score in chalk. They have some teams here from Puerto Princesa, Roxas but then you have some teams from the left side of the main street in Port Barton and a team from the right side of the main street. So cute 🙂

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