Snorkeling in Jambiani.

Jambiani is a quiet village  on the southeast coast of Zanzibar with the longest beach on the island. In the end of May there were hardly any tourist so we had the beach to ourselves. Unfortunately there was also very little street food available, most of the hotels and restaurants were closed so we ate mostly at our resort. This is common in low season and cholera outbreak happened a month ago so we kind of expected it. Kind of 🙂 Nearby village Paje has a bit more to offer. Fooooood!

Color of the sea.

It was so calm we almost felt a bit nervous, we’re so used to doing something. So we went on a boat ride on Jambiani sea and snorkeling. We met our captain and his first man early in the morning. Captain and Suleiman. Not a lot of English, lots of smiling and not a lot of teeth. At least from their side 🙂

Let me just put it out there. If you’re used to corals in Indonesia or even Koh Tao (Thailand) you will be a bit disappointed. There are some bunches of corals and some fish buuuuut let’s say that it’s better just to sail around and enjoy the amazing blue color of the sea. The trip takes 4 hours, there is no food included and there is little shade so bring your snack and SPF with you. Snorkeling gear is provided but of course it’s best if you have your own

If you plan to make any trips to the sea, it’s best to talk to locals and avoid commissions from resorts which can be even more than 50 %.

Village of Jambiani.

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