Kyoto – golden and green.

After one night in Osaka we decided to go to Kyoto. We wanted to see what all the pictures of nature and temples were all about. We took the subway to Kyoto and were greeted by…a super modern city! Waaaaait! Were are all the zen temples? And green fluffy moss? It tured out Kyoto is big, clean city with beautiful people and lots of shopping malls 🙂 It is only famous by the temple pictures 🙂


So the cheapest guesthouse (but probably the nicest one) is Shiori An guesthouse for 11 eur for a dorm and all the facilities you need. It’s close to Kyoto station (10 min) but also to Karawachi station (20 min). Our first day of sightseeing in Kyoto was dedicated to Bamboo forest and Golden pavillion or Kinkakuji temple. It was a beautiful day, sunny and just right for loads of ice cream. Both are beautiful and would be relaxing if it not were for so many people. The small streets a charming and clean, lots of houses are decorated in wood and stones and there are green plants everywhere. We snacked local soba noodle soups amd black sesame tofu ice cream. Yum 🙂

It was saturday so there were a lot of people. Actually, accommodation for saturdays are quite sparse as Japanese people like to visit Kyoto on weekends. And another thing, it’s cheaper to book via Agoda than in the guesthouse/hotel which is the total opposite of other parts of Asia.

Information about traveling from Osaka to Kyoto:

  • Subway from Osaka to Kyoto: 640 ¥ per person to Karawamachi station in Kyoto
  • Shiori An guesthouse: 1400 ¥ for a dorm
  • Bamboo forest: free entrance
  • Kinkakuji temple: 400 ¥
  • One bus/train ride: 240 ¥ but it’s good to have a one day bus pass (500 ¥) if you plan to visit these two attractions in one day becuase you need to change two buses from bamboo forest to the temple.

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  1. Great post but oh no, where are the temples? Are there any? I am house sitting in Kyoto in August… bit worried now!

    • Rachel, don’t worry! There are plenty of temples and gardens and charming wooden houses. I only meant to write in the post that we pictured Kyoto differently before we came 🙂 You can sightsee around temples for a week and not see all of them 🙂

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