Lagoons of El Nido.

El Nido is a beautiful place. Huge rock formations in the middle of the blue water, hidden lagoons, remote islands with white sand beaches and lots of palm trees. We had luck and was only 5 (instead of 18) on the boat so we could ask for the reverse tour and avoid all the masses of tourists (we did the tour A for 700P, including lunch, excluding environmental fee of 200P).

Welcome to the secret lagoon.

Snorkeling is nice, the corals are alive and colorful but there’s not a lot of fish. Lagoons are amazing, water almost milky turquoise and if you have some luck, you find yourself alone in this surreal space where time doesn’t exist and just float around…until you bump in a man with a bright orange life jacket. Yes, the tours are quite popular and at times a bit crowded. It’s totally worth going and if we had more time, we would do another one. But we’re already relaxing in Port Barton 😀

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