Travel itinerary: 2 weeks in beautiful Maldives.

Maldives were, after 7 months of traveling, that big red juicy cherry on top of everything we’ve experienced and were the perfect ending to our travels. We were surprised how interesting and different than our expectations they proved to be. The islands are picture-postcard beautiful – white sand, light turquoise water, gentle and beautiful people. Our time went by so fast and we were talking about going back the hole ride home. We’ve prepared Maldives travel itinerary based on our experiences – we think you’ll like it, too!

So basically every blog post about Maldives starts with: Maldives used to be high-end-resort-only country but couple years ago (this now means almost 10 years ago) people on the local islands got permission to build guesthouses and low budget traveling is now possible in Maldives! It’s true, but let me update you just a bit. Traveling on a very low budget (like Thailand and Indonesia) is still not possible but low-medium budget is very manageable. There are plenty of local islands to visit and some guesthouses offer better prices (especially in low season) than others. This kind of tourism is developing quite fast and somewhere also big hotels can be found on local islands (some places had even 10 guesthouses in the making – which is a lot for such small islands like Maldives).

Beautiful beach, Maafushi, Maldives

Maldives can be very expensive if you go to resorts on private islands where you’ll pay a lot for accommodation, food (because there’s no choice) and transfer to the islands. But Maldives can be traveled in a much cheaper and more authentic way – by visiting the local islands.

Our vlog (sorry, in Slovenian, but you get the feeling of the island. :D)

Travel itinerary: 2 weeks in beautiful Maldives.

Duration of travel itinerary to Maldives: 15 days

Day 1: Spend an afternoon in Male. If you have the chance and will, go straight to the islands. Check the schedule of public boats (to Maafushi, usually at 9h and 15h), public speedboat, or even a private speed boat. If you’re slow traveler like us, you can spend a night on Male. It’s the biggest ‘city’ you’ll see on Maldives (still very small) but they seem to be building and renovating a lot. You can stroll around, see the national museum or have an espresso in one of the small coffee places. We slept in Off Day Inn (where one room was ok and one was really nice – top floor and great view).
Day 2: Maafushi. Most popular island with tourists because of proximity to Male where you can arrange all sorts of activities. You can walk around this small island, book a half-day snorkeling trip for tomorrow and go for a nice seafood dinner. You can try all you can eat buffet in one of the hotels for 15 $. We slept in Maafushi Inn which has a great team and offers good prices on trips.
Day 3: Maafushi. Take a trip around surrounding corral reefs and hang out with locals. The corals are bleached from the rising temperatures but there is plenty of fish. I’ve never seen so many Dorys in one place. A real feeding frenzy. 🙂 Lunch break on a beautful sandbank in the middle of turquoise sea and if you’re lucky you might see dolphins dance on your way back.
Day 4: Maafushi. Enjoy the island and its beautiful beaches (don’t forget to show your bikini body only on bikini beach). In the afternoon visit the nearby island of Gulhi and check out their big bikini beach. You can make a day trip to one of the 5* resorts (around 120$ per person – all inclusive, except spending the night) and see what resort life is like.
Day : Felidhoo. Felidhoo is one of the least touristy islands and there is a high possibility that you will be the only tourist (in low season). Time for some romaaance! We spend our time in beautiful Vaali Beach Lodge.

Our sandbank video <3

Day 6: Felidhoo. Visit a sandbank in the middle of nowhere, snorkel off shore and have lunch in company of baby sharks in shallow water. Don’t worry, they’re very friendly.
Day 7: Felidhoo. Spend a day on the beach, reading a book and sipping on coconuts. Snorkel the beautiful house reef and watch how the sunset colours the sky and water pink.
Day 8: Fulidhoo. Fulidhoo falls somewhere between Maafushi and Felidhoo, you won’t be alone but you won’t see many people. It has one of the nices bikini beaches for tourists and beautiful blue sea. Take a walk around this tiny island and watch your head – coconuts are falling like crazy and you don’t want to shorten your trip because of one coconut. If you’re a diver,  go for a night dive with dozens of nurse sharks – it’s amazing (see video below). We dived with Fulidhoo Dive where staff is very knowledgeable, gear brand new and safety comes first. Check out their dive shop – they’re right next to Kinan Reatreat.

Day 9: Fulidhoo. Spend a day snorkeling or diving. We went diving and were on our way to the dive spot when dive shop owner and dive master Ali got a call that there are mantas hanging around. So before diving we had a bit of snorkeling with mantas! OMG. They were huge and elegant and one swam right under me and I could have just call it a day. <3 Diving was great as well, because Maldives are known for the big fish like sharks, rays, mantas and loads of turtles. None of them likes the taste of human (eeew!), so worry not!
Day 10: Fulidhoo. Enjoy your time on this island and hang out with friendly locals. Maybe you can even see the traditional dance in the evenings. We stayed in Thundi Guesthouse, but there are many options like Fulidhoo Ihaa LodgeKinan Retreat seemed the fanciest.
Day 11: Thoddoo. If you want to visit a different island, visit Thoddoo (you’ll have to go through Male). The ride is quite long, from 3-4 hours (also depending on the weather – sometimes the local ferries are canceled, but there are always private transfers available).
Day 12: Thodoo. Beautiful island known for its fruit (other islands are way to small and don’t have enough fresh water to grow fruit). Check out Thoddoo Ocean Front Guesthouse for sleeping.
Day 13: Thodoo. Spend your day walking around endless beaches, swimming and slowly say goodbye to Maldives.
Day 14: Male. If possible, skip Male and catch your flight directly but be sure to make good plans.
Goodbye Maldives, it was love at first sand! <3

Other options: Local islands are plenty to choose from and you can easily change this plan to some other island. Just be sure to check the local ferry schedule , some go only on certain days. Near Felidhoo there are more touristy Keyodhoo and Thinadhoo. Near Maafushi there is quieter Gulhi. And Rashdoo, near Thoddoo, is supposed to be very beautiful.

Map of travel itinerary to Maldives

What to bring?

  • 35 l backpack and a smaller bag
  • 5 shirts, 3 shorts
  • 1 sweater, 1 pants
  • Flip flops and light walking shoes
  • Sleeping bag
  • Travel medicine
  • Add what you need

Diving with nurse sharks on Fulidhoo <3

Good to know about Maldives

Maldives are a Muslim country and this means certain rules – alcohol is forbidden (not a rule in the private resorts where you can drink all you want and near Maafushi is a speedboat/bar with very expensive drinks but a free ride to boat) and you will find none in the cafes and guesthouses. Anyway, it’s a great time to quit drinking, right? Who needs booze if you have all that blue sea 😀

On local islands you can dress in a bikini only in designated places – bikini beaches. When you visit an island be sure to check if it has a bikini beach (and most of them will have one). In town, you can’t walk around in bathing suits because of respect to local people and their religion. Topless is forbidden everywhere. Otherwise, I felt very comfortable in short sleeves and shorts (no staring at all) – Maldivians are very intelligent and kind people who understand Western culture and will never confront you so be sure to respect them, too.

Common food includes rice, curry and lots of tuna. These dishes are mostly the cheapest, but you can also get more variety (like Italian food) which is more expensive. In local ‘cafes’ the food is cheaper than in resorts and guesthouses. With every meal you will get a small water (which you need to pay for) – it’s cheap but if you really don’t want it, say so beforehand.

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Expenses for your 2 weeks in Maldives

Accomodation: 50 $/day
Food: 40 $/day
Transport: 5 $/per day
Extras: 10 $/day
All: 88 $/day

Extra trips (for 2 people)

Half-day snorkeling: 60 $
Sandbank trip: 60 $
2 dives for 2 people: 250 $

Expenses before traveling

Visa: Free visa “on arrival” for all nationalities but be sure to check anyway.
Airplane ticket Check for the cheapest tickets from your country: 650 $ (approximate)
Travel insurance: 40 $

All expenses: 3000 $ for 2 people

Meaning 1500 $ per person, everything included. Yaaaaaay!

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