Manila’s eggs.

It feels like we’ve been in Manila for a week because of all the things we’ve experienced in these two days. Our Instagram friends Tipsy and Pong from cutesy cartoon blog


Some of the things we did:
– had an amazing lunch in a nice restaurant
– tried street food in a student campus: chicken, cow and pigs intestines, chicken butts, and a balot – a boiled duck’s embryo in the egg. Weehee, I was nervous but it went down smoothly. Just eat it in the dark 🙂
– experienced Manila’s rush hour which is even bigger with Christmas close
– visited a huuuuge mall (all Christmas decorated)
– fell in love with a magic black filter
– saw the beautiful old city part, that has Spanish influence
– made some profile pictures for young university student girls. One by one.
– photographed the very photogenic Manila bay at sunset (the colors are crazy)

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