Michamwi Sunset Bay resort. Zanzibar.

Michamwi Sunset Bay resort lies privately on an empty part of Michamwi beach. When I say empty, it is really empty! If you’ve been offered one too many tours or bracelets or weed, you will get none of this here (I think they even have security for that :D). The resort is just beautiful to look at with all the small paths and wooden signs that are directing you to the pool, bar or rooms.

The bar has one main focus. Sunset watching! Just kidding, but sunset on Michamwi beach is the best sunset on Zanzibar. You can have a beer and sit on one of the chair which are lined carefully so everyone gets the best view.

Our room had a nice big bed (Mic was happy because his long arms need a lot of space) and a bathroom with two showers heads so we could shower both at the same time. There was also a water heater and coffee for caffeine addicts. We had a nice view from the balcony, right to the sea.

Jungle paths.

Michamwi Sunset Bay resort is somewhat a boutique resort with around 20 rooms which can be also rearranged for different number of people, like a family. The whole place has a very natural feel because of palm trees and lush green bushes everywhere. They can arrange all kinds of tours all over the islands so you can just ask their tour operator.

The eating place is a big wooden terrace on the beach. The dinner was delicious and breakfast was buffet style (guess who was happy again? The guy with long arms and hungry tummy :D). There was plenty to choose from and they even had homemade chocolate sauce.

Michamwi Sunset Bay resort is definitely a place where you can enjoy the luxury of a tropical resort.

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