My favorite cat, my favorite roomie.

After a messy start of the year, changing  five apartments and all the personal shocks I finally settled down in April. In a neighborhood where my mom and Mic live. My best friend Mateja moved to her home town and I got her room. I already knew Nataša but I didn’t know how well we will fit together. You see it’s a small miracle, people living together 🙂 Nataša has proven to be the best roomate and our home really feels like home to me. I’m happy that we got to live together, if only for a short time.

We don’t see each other that much but we do often eat together, paint our nails and drink wine in the evenings. And sometimes I let Nataša cut my hair, even tough she isn’t a hairdresser but a researcher, soon to be PhD. She has scissors in her hands, see how much I like her?? 😀

Nataša cuts my hair.

This is Darwin, Nataša’s cat, the most photogenic cat in the world.


He is a gentlemen and i had to earn my respect.  He talks to me in the mornings, very loudly, when I hardly open my eyes trying to go to the bathroom. And the loud demand to rub his tummy is inevitable. If I am sick, he always keeps me company and sleeps on my bed.

His favorite place to sleep in my room. The backpack. The smaller the better.


Sometimes I find him in my closet. Oh, all the white hair in my socks.

In the closet.

But he makes it up with all the fluffiness 🙂




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