Do you really want to go to Nara?

Do we? We decided to stay in Kyoto for one more day and visit Nara. We knew there are deer everywhere and that’s about it. Oh, the joy of traveling without guidebooks 🙂

The cheapest way is to go with JR train from Kyoto station. We made a brief but very informative stop at Nara’s information office. The lady there was more than helpful and draw everything on a map and suggested we visit a ‘free for foreigners’ park.

It’s a nice 20 min stroll on the beautiful clean and quiet streets of Nara, full of small restaurants and souvenir and sweets shops, with on,y few people on the way to Nara park. We started with 5-story pagoda at Kohfuji temple and spotted our first deer. They are not afraid of people and actually eant you to give them deer cookies. If you hold out a cookie above their head, they will bow to get it. Polite deer 🙂 We walked trough the park which was full of deer. The beautiful green grass and trees, everything so neat, and all the deer, it almost seems like you’re in a Disnesy movie. Bambi 🙂

We snacked on green tea ice cream and strolled around. We didn’t go into museums or temples, we just enjoyed the beautiful nature and the sun. In June, you definitely have to appreciate a sunny day 🙂

After paying a quick visit to Japanese Octoberfest (with 20 eur 1 l German beer) we found the beautiful Yoshikien garden (free entrance). We finished the day with a delicious sake tasting near Imanishi-ke Shoin. Yuuuuuummy! 500 ¥ for 6 sakes and younget to keep the lovely glass. More, please 🙂


Information about traveling to Nara from Kyoto:

  • Train from Kyoto station to Nara: 710 ¥
  • Nara park: free
  • Ice cream: 300 ¥
  • Supermarket sushi lunch: 700 ¥
  • Sake tasting: 500 ¥
  • Sendo guesthouse: 13 eur/dorm (very cute receptionists), small breakfast included
  • Trip sound hostel: 15 eur/dorm (cramped and dirty, I don’t recommend)

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