Offline on Andamans.

A flight from Delhi to Kolkata, quite comfortable night on Kolkata airport and a short flight from Kolkata to Port Blair took us to Andaman Islands. It’s been a looong journey but just the sight from the plane on little spots of white sand, green jungle and turquoise sea made our worries go away. The main city, Port Blair, is not the paradise yet, you have to take some ferries to get there. It’s so humid here, not to mention the heat. Everything is different. People, language, food. The island vibe 🙂 Andaman islands are closer to Indonesia and Burma and even people have different faces. It gets dark around 6pm and light at 5 am. We met Mic’s friends here and we had a dinner and couple of beers. Too much beer. I had to put some away in the middle of the night, I don’t know if it was the alcohol or the food poisoning. Again! Indian food or the lack of cleanliness gave me a really hard time these months. Read below!

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We woke up at 4 am so we could start queuing at 5 am at the ferry counter. There are two queues, one for women and one for men and both of them are a war place. You have to use elbows and forget your personal space, but thankfully I got the tickets. We decided to go to Neil’s Island first.
Neil is smaller and more quiet, it has only one (very bad) road and you can ride a bicycle all over. We stayed at a guest house called Breakwater in little bamboo hut where our shower never got cold. We met lots of nice people there and learned a Chinese game called Tichu :))

Dreamy beaches of Andaman islands, India. Read more.

Dreamy beaches.

Coconut jungle and village life is dominant here, not much tourism. Andamans are pretty much a newlyweds holidays for rich Indian couples. Or a family vacation and by family I mean grandparents, parents and children. Indian people don’t swim so you can have the beach for yourself. We went for a snorkeling trip as Andamans have loads of marine life and the coral reef is still alive. The beach number 1 is the most beautiful beach I’ve ever seen. We went to the sunset point every day at sunset and we were the only one in the pastel colored water, the sky was light pink and purple and orange and blue. It truly is a paradise!

Dreamy Andaman Islands…

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