One year travel anniversary!

It’s been 365 days since we started from the main bus station in Ljubljana, Slovenia, almost missed our flight due to traffic jam in Italy, made a transit in Jeddah with all the Muslim men and their 5 covered wives, and started our journey in Sri Lanka.
What can I say, it’s been one hell of a ride. New challenges every day, some really pleasant (which beach are we going today) to not so pleasant ones (who is going to kill that cockroach).
We had a couple of downs and lots of ups, we’ve lost things, made wonderful new friends, were robbed, discovered lovely towns and underwater world. And we’re still going!
The original plan was to return after one year but after we git chosen on the Big Blog exchange (and couldn’t participate) STA travels came to rescue and financed our stay in the Philippines. We are really grateful. We would also like to thank our moms and dads and all the grandmas (and their sisters 😉 for their endless support, and friends and people who don’t know us in person but still took some time to donate to our paypal account.

We still have one month on Philippines and we’ll start exploring Bohol tomorrow. And theeeeen. We’ll try to settle for a month or two in friendly Chiang Mai. Who’s coming for a visit? 🙂

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