Our flat. Yes, flat!

Oooooh my god. After stupid Bentota we had a bit of luck. We stumbled upon a beautiful new flat in Happy Tuna hotel in Hikkaduwa, the surfer town. That we rented for a week! It’s friggin awesome! It’s new and it’s all in one big room, with a big bed, kitchen, bathroom and a big balcony. Thank god we weren’t lazy this time and we went around a bit, looking for an alternative to that hot beach guesthouse. And now I can put my toothbrush out of the box for 7 days 🙂
We already bought a full fridge of veggies and fruits, curd and trickle. And the owner who is a fisherman will bring us a small tuna. And the price? Like a regular room in a nearby Inn. Amaziiiiiing!!

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