Pirates of Maluku.

What does a travel blogger do without a camera? He mourns.
And so we’re mourning for our camera which was stolen on the overnight Pelni ferry from Kei to Banda islands. It served us well and was with us on Indian trains, Nepalese buses, hot Bikaner desert and cold Annapurna base camp at more than 4000m. It helped us to make thousands of beautiful photos for both blogs.

We spent the night on a deck and as tourists we were an easy target for the group of young men who make a living by stealing from locals and tourists (btw we were the only tourists on the boat). The worst thing was knowing the camera is still on the boat. But with thousands of people, baggage and packets it was impossible to search for it. We even tried to ‘buy’ it back by anouncing the reward on the speakers. But no luck. They’ll probably sell it for a lot less money in Ambon ๐Ÿ™

And now we’re stuck on the most beautiful remote islands we’ve ever been to with a GoPro 2 with a scratch and an iPhone 4S. Sometimes life really is a b*#%h.

We would like to give a special thanks to everybody who made a dontaion and bought us a beer which we’ll use to help us buy a new camera, probably in Bangkok transit.

Here are some pictures from Kei islands, where their main export is agar-agar.


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