Prelude to Zanzibar.

Hi, there! So you have probably noticed from our social media chanells (Facebook and Instagram) that we have been to Zanzibar, enjoyed Zanzibar and came back from Zanzibar. And not a word on the blog 🙂 We are actually trying to travel light, much lighter than before. So Mic took his old computer and I took my phone and that was it. Zanzibar reports were live on Facebook and Instagram (and of course Snapchat – povsodjelepo, which is available only in Slovene at the moment), and now we will also update our English blog.

Just a quick recap. Before going to Zanzibar, it wasn’t very easy to find information about backpacking. There is plenty of resorts and when you go there, you don’t need to worry about anything else. The island is so small that you can make day trips almost all over the island. For a certain price. We wanted to visit some of the fancy resorts and also local guesthouses, try local transport (everyone can use a taxi) and local food. I think we managed just fine! We did have a short raw vegan diet for a week because of no food during Ranadan on Pemba island but more on that later 🙂

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