Puerto Princesa.

Just a short airplane ride from Manila and you’re on Palawan, the best island in Philippines (won two years in a row, as the locals proudly say). It’s small and friendly and right now there’s a big Christmas fair going on. Food stalls with sea food, drinks and souvenirs. Enormous Christmas tree made from big lights starts shining just before the sunset so the view is just surreal. I’ve never spent Christmas withouta warm coat and hot wine so this years Christmas spirit is so different. Beer and short sleeves! Fine by me 🙂

Beautiful Puerto Princesa.

There’s a lot to see in Puerto Princesa. We rented a motorbike (400P) and drove to Honda bay where we met some locals and had sting ray curry for lunch. People in Philippines speak English so well that you get new interesting information in every conversation. They’re also very friendly and polite. Palawan has small huts for Tourist Police all over PP and you can always ask them something you want to know. Unbiased information is the best 🙂

Butterfly garden and Tribal village is also worth visiting. Entrance fee is small and you get to see loads of butterflies and meet the tribe from the south. Crocodile farm is al an interesting sight, huge crocodiles captured because of attacking people and crocodiles bread for commercial reasons. Well. Let me just say that crocodile sisig is a very popular dish.
Behind the crocodile farm there is a Nature park, a rainforest with loads of animals, the cutest being bearcats.

We fell asleep with the sounds of at least three karaoke bars around us.


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