Pulau Ai.

Banda islands are a very important part of the history. The island Ai which was massacred by Brits and Dutch in 1600s, the island that has so much nutmeg that every invader in the history went crazy. Island with 1300 people and island with one of the most beautiful and vibrant coral reefs in the world.
There is no warungs here but there are home-stays where you get all meals included. For 100.000 IDR or 7 eur per person. I really don’t know how it pays up but the food is delicious, every day something new. Lots of fish, typical Maluku food, coffee all day and even fruit snacks.

Us on the Ai port and the clear blue water behind us. Banda islands.

Ai port.


Island Ai, Banda islands

The sea is blue and beaches of yellow sand, of course empty.
Snorkeling is at its best. Schoos of fish, sepias that change color, napoleon wrass and even a nudie branch!
We were prepared to make iPhone pictures of Ai but then we got lucky. A Swiss couple borrowed us their underwater camera. And an underwater camera! Of course we went crazy. Underwater world on Banda islands will have its own post 😉

In the meantime we’re planning to buy a new camera, making a guide to Banda islands and looking forward to snorkel on Pulau Hatta. Life is good 🙂

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