Relax, you’re in Port Barton.

3,5 hours of driving in a van, last hour on the bad road with lots of mud and we arrived in this town that backpackers love so much. There’s no night clubs, no big bars, no shopping malls. It’s tiny! People are beyond friendly and so honest that you can’t get ripped off. You still find coconuts for 0,5$ and a meal with a drink and a banana for 1,2$.

Coconuts! Watch your head.

It almost feels like we’re on the Caribbean, with the palm trees and lights. People here love to sing, in church preparing for Christmas eve, a neighbors karaoke, while sweeping the front yard. Even an occasional drunk in the middle of the night has a good voice 🙂

Beach is nice but if you go for island hopping (700P) and see islands with names like Exotic, Paradise and German (?) island you can just imagine how they look like. Clear water, white sand, green palm trees. Topped with a good barbecues fish and a salad, finish with a rainbow while snorkeling, and your day is just close to perfect.
Just a warning for those who are used to snorkeling in Indonesia. Here the corals are alive and different shapes but the colors and number of fish can’t compare. If you adjust your standards, you’ll really enjoy it.

Making small toy boats.

We were having some showers and the town looks like in a fairy tale. We even discovered rice fields with their beautiful green color. In Port Barton even stray dogs are friendly.

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