Rent-a-house in Ubud!

After our week in the jungle, we wanted to relax a little bit. We wanted to rent something in advance via AirBnB but our plan was so unpredictable that it wasn’t possible.

“Who has a kitchen to rent?”


So we arrived in Ubud, looking for an apartment with a kitchen to rent. We like to cook and this means the independence from all the restaurants, making strong coffee, and having loads of fruit in a refrigerator.
We contacted few people on AirBnB from the spot and we were lucky. A beautiful, one bedroom house in the middle of the rice fields was free, just for us!


Large kitchen with a dining table, bedroom with a big bed and couch, and an open bathroom, all new. We are the first residents in this little house.


It has a porch and a garden around it with a small pond. It’s white and bright when sunlight hits in. Paradise!
So good to have a place to put your clothes in to 🙂

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