Sauerkraut on Bohol.

It’s difficult to move with our big backpacks. Yes, we have an ukulele and a camera stand but still. Sometimes it’s nice to be more mobile and move around without all the extra luggage. So we rented a scooter in Tagbilaran (400P/day) and left our bug bags in the cheap Hats Inn (350P/night).

We saw the amazing Chocolate hills and soent the night just outside of Carmen in Banlasan lodge (400P/night) and they have a pool. The weather was not so good so we had to make a lot of stops. The hills are a really unique sight, all the hills the same size and shape.

Cute rounded hills.

We drove trough Sagbayan which has similar hills but not so high and some tarsiers (so cuuute). And then just drove till our bottoms started to numb. The scenery is beautiful, palms and rice fields. Everything’s green and you have the occasional ‘give-me-money’ kids we haven’t met before in PH.

We tried to find an accomodation in Trinidad (yes, Bohol also has some interesting cities like Sevilla and Valencia :D) but then just drove to Talibon. We stopped at the really cute Mahogany pension (300P/night) owned by a German-Philippino family. I don’t know which stars alligned but we had such a nice time with them it almost felt like home. We ate together and they made sauerkraut (fermented cabagge) for us which I was craving for sice we left home 🙂 You really meet the nicest people when you least expect it 🙂

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  1. Hi Katja and Mic! I wrote you in August and I kept following you, it’s great to see that your travel didn’t end after one year but keeps going! As I wrote you, we (me and my girlfriend) found your blog because we were about to go in Sri Lanka in February one years ago! Now we are about to go in China and Thailand (we will be there the first two weeks of March) and I just read that you’re planning to go to Thailand too! It would be great for us to meet you and drink something together if you have time! I’ll keep following your travel and maybe i’ll write you if there will be a chance to meet 🙂
    All the best! Daniele (from Italy)

  2. I’m sorry, I try to avoid posting my real email because of all the spambot :-/ but I sent you a fb request and a message 🙂 Bye!

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