Siberut trekking

Do you want to have an out of the box experience?

Siberut trekking is what you’re looking for 🙂

This is a page with some helpful links to information about trekking on Siberut with Mentawai tribes. We spent several days talking with guides (our guide proved to be very unreliable in the middle of the trek ), lived one week in the jungle and survived to tell the tale 🙂

Sago. Speciality of Mentawai.

Everything you need to know about Siberut trekking

Tips and tricks on Siberut trekking.

How to choose a right guide, what to bring, how much to pay.

Do you want to trek Mentawai jungle? Read some tips.

Mentawai food.

Sago, durian, rice and (not so) many more.

Mentawai cuisine

Read about our week long Siberut trekking experience.

Honestly, it was one of our most memorable experiences in more than a year of traveling around Asia. We were learning how to ‘do nothing’, smoke all day and came home with couple of weirdest stories. Ever.

Part one (start of our week long muddy jungle trekking)

Part two (shaman’s ceremony, how pig’s anus tastes like and why does a tampon look like a flute)

Part three (left in the jungle alone, why are the pigs folowing you to the toilet and how to heal a shaman).