Best souvenir from Bali: Silver class jewlery!

Yeah, sure! Maybe your mom will like that wooden elephant or a penis bottle opener but in general buying souvenirs that you know will eventually end up as dust catchers is pointless.

I saw the silver jewelry class as one of the most popular activities on Tripadvisor and I saved it in my memory. It’s not the cheapest thing to do in Ubud but you get to make your own piece and take it home. I found two deals for silver jewelry class: Chez Monique and Studio Perak. Studio Perak’s price is 400.000 IDR (and additional 15.000 IDR/g, class from 9 -12 am and additional in the afternoon) for 5 g of silver. Chez Monique’s price is 450.000 IDR for 10 g of silver, classes are at 9.30 h, 11 h and 1.30 h. You can make one item of jewelry.

I decided to go to Chez Monique. First, they have a bit better price and second, their studio looked nicer to take pictures.  I arrived there at around 9 am, not really knowing what I want to make. Knowing only that I wanted to make two very thin rings I dove into their books of pictures. After about an hour and a coffee I finally had the design ready, drawn on paper. They didn’t really help my indecisive nature, so it’s better to come prepared 🙂

They told me that very thin ring will probably bend (silver is very soft) but one younger man, working there, really understood what I wanted and helped me to make the design. I made the band from two thin strings and turned them into one band. I cut out the leaves and filed them. In the end I also made a pattern on the surface with bigger nails and hammer. Yes, a hammer!

In the the man helped me to connect the band and the leaves and added two silver balls in between. I also made a support ring because this one was still very thin, made of only band and three silver balls. I love this unique souvenir from Ubud and would go again if I could 🙂

If you have enough surface and thickness, you can also engrave (or stamp) your item.

A couple of tips for a silver class:

  • it’s good to know what you’ll make and talk to the workers there
  • don’t make it too complicated otherwise you’ll be here for 4 hours (like me :D)
  • don’t make it too simple (some people were kind of disappointed to finish too early) – now’s the time to make it happen
  • don’t be afraid to make mistakes (it seems like everything can be fixed)
  • I didn’t saw any weighing so I presume you can also make chunkier pieces, if you like
  • you get one drink but bring more water or snacks if you plan to stay there as long as I have 😀

And here’s my ring! Ta daaaa. I love it.


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