South Korea – first impressions.

South Korea was never high on our bucket list of countries to visit last trip but this time we were excited to come. We were pleasantly surprised it has its own personality and that it’s not similar to any other countries, not even Japan. Here are couple of facts that we noticed immediately:

  • All hail the skincare: South Korea is big on skincare. Everywhere you look, you can see girls (and boys) with dewy, glowy skin, like they’re ready for a photoshoot.
  • B&W scale: Seems like if you buy and oversized white t-shirt and black chino pants, you have nothing to miss. It’s actually all you need in your wardrobe.
  • Spit away: While in Japan, we got so used to some rules (like not eating on subway, queuing etc…) that we thought same would apply to South Korea. Nope! South Koreans are way more relaxed and rules are more loose. We occasionally gawked at young girls spitting on the pavement.
  • Koreans are cute!: Girls have these perfect faces and boys look manly but sweet.
  • No pressure: When you go to a restaurant, nobody pressures you to have a drink. There’s always free water available and actually most people don’t even drink anything extra. On the other hand, there are no toilets in the restaurants.
  • Speaking of toilets: It seems that used toilet paper goes in the bin next to the toilet. Not that I know, because all signs are in Korean.
  • Nobody speaks English: Guesthouse owners, please be my friends.
  • Google translate works!: Even offline, live picture translate works. Yaaaaaas, menu decoded!
  • Obsession that never stops: K POP! It’s insane and the best thing is to watch it on TV and just … wonder.

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