Spice garden tour.

Yesterday we made an unexpected visit to a spice ayurvedic garden. Of course everything was free free free! We knew that was not the case but at least you get to see what you get and then decide how much you’ll pay. Seems fair to me 🙂

We got a private little tour of the garden by a man who didn’t speak English very well but we understood each other. We saw pepper, red pineapple, turmeric, lemon grass, ginger, coconut, curry plant, cardamom, cinnamon and lots more. But I didn’t understand the names 😀

We also got a presentation of ayurvedic products and a cup of spice tea (cardamom, ginger, cinnamon and coriander mixed with black tea and then couple of drops of vanilla essence). It was very good but as everywhere else abnormally sweet. Hello diabetes!

They were pretty well prepared, we got leaflets with product information and a presentation of every product. The most interesting product was Kamayogi bon bon with a funny explanation that it makes divorced people feel happier and then we read on the paper that it’s actually a sex stimulant. LOL 🙂 Thy had everything from spices to weight loss products. What felt fishy to me was herbal hair removing cream which was supposed to be all natural but had the smell of regular depilation creams you get in the store. Noooo madam, all natural! Well. The sceptical pharmacist in me was not convinced.

Then it was time for a face massage which I avoided, phew. But I still got a head massage with coconut oil 🙂 Later I had to get an extra conditioner for my tangled hair.

Next stop was the store but we got away with one packet of chilli and a little something for our tour guide. I kinda like Ayurveda, now that I’ve seen it first hand. I’m questioning the quality though.

Later on I’ve bought citronella oil against mosquitos and it’s working good. I’m eyeing another product for women. We’ll see 🙂

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  1. In EU repellent with Citronella oil can not be sold, since they are not effective. Are you experiencing placebo effect?

    • Yes. If it works, I don’t have a problem with it 🙂 Maaaaark, a se s tem ukvarjaš mogoče?

      • Slucajno smo dve leti nazaj umikali iz prodaje vse izdelke( predvsem svece), ki so vsebovali citronelol in so se izdajali za repelente. Geraniol je tisti, ki ucinkuje!

        • Tukaj tega še ne vejo 🙂 Placebo ali ne, nekaj mora vsaj malo pomagat, mogoče jih odvrne tista plast olja na koži 😀

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