Stress free tailor in Hoi An.

Hoi An is a tailor city. Locals know it and tourists know it. That’s why we decided to get some clothes made. I did some research beforehand and gathered some info:
– there are more than 600 tailors in Hoi An, some with experience and some without.
– ‘high-end’ tailors like Yaly Couture, Bebe, Dong silk give you a nice experience and very good service but you pay a bit more, there is no bargaining.
– ‘clothes market’ shops are full of women, yelling, pressure and the end product is either nice or totally wrong, some people feels lots of pressure. Everyone tries to lure you in one shop or another because of commissions. I’ve read about tailors not wanting to make changes or mend mistakes, even some finding their dress is made of different material they chose in the beginning.
– something in between, like Mr. Xe. He has a shop in the center and I’ve read lots of good reviews, fittings are not a problem, and his work is supposed to be very good. Unfortunately, we had a strange experience there. His assistants were not interested at all, did not want to help and after sitting there for 15 min, we decided to take our money elsewhere.

We chose Yaly Couture. We’ve never been to a tailor shop before and I must say it was really a nice experience. Our assistant, Britney, was super sweet, not pushy and even when I couldn’t decide on a fabric, she didn’t roll eyes and even said I can think about it and come the next day.
On the first fitting I had 4 women around me, examining a sleeve that looked a bit wrinkled. I also decided on short instead of long sleeves at that point, longer zipper, shorter skirt. It’s like everything is possible! The second fitting was our last because the dress was perfect. Mic had two shirts made for his long arms and they fit very nice.
Dress was 59$ for viscose/silk (45$ for cotton), shirts were 25$ and 30$, and 10% discount. They have more expensive, of course but not so many of the cheaper fabrics. The only thing that bothered me was the lack of fabrics/patterns. For such a mass production they could have more choice.

Anyway we’re super satisfied with our new clothes and we can attend a coctail party for Christmas 😀

Proud family.

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