Not long ago, the airline tickets from Europe to Andaman islands were very cheap, just around 500 $ for both ways. We would love to visit this island paradise which is still not overflowing with tourists again. So why don’t you? 🙂

A flight from Delhi to Kolkata, quite comfortable night on Kolkata airport and a short flight from Kolkata to Port Blair took us to Andaman Islands. It’s been a looong journey but just the sight from the plane on little spots of white sand, green jungle and turquoise sea made our worries go away. The main city, Port Blair, is not the paradise yet, you have to take some ferries to get there. It’s so humid here, not to mention the heat. Everything is different. People, language, food….

Elephant taking a bath on Andaman islands, ndia.

Andaman islands No need for dreaming! Here they are, just a plane ticket and 90 eur away. Mic found a connection between Kolkata to Portblair and we’re probably going to hop on that train of heaven. I mean plane 🙂 Andaman islands and Nicobar Islands are a large group islands in the Bay of Bengal and most of them belong to India, some of them to Myanmar. Portblair is the capital and has lots of good seafood, there is beautiful marine life on the islands which means lots of snorkeling…