Cebu city is a big crowded city which you can skip if you have the chance. Come on, paradise islands are just around the corner! Here’s a short Cebu travel guide.

Philippines were definitely a nice surprise with all that beautiful blue sea and very friendly people. With more than 7000 islands Philippines deserve way more than 21 days but we made a travel itinerary which lets you discover the best of Philippines in that time. Culture shock in Manila, remote dreamy villages on Palawan, interesting sea creatures and endless discoveries. Get lost in the Philippines!

Hey. Long time no see 🙂 So Camotes are not really remote. It just seems so because the lack of tourists. Most of them are from Philippines, some are Chinese/Japanese/Korean and soooome Western tourists. Fine by me! 🙂 One of the nicest Philippine islands. perfect for budget traveling. Camptes beaches are empty, food is cheap and there is plenty of natural sightseeing. Big fresh water lake and kayaking, lots of caves with fresh water to swim in and they even have waterfalls. We even found a man from New…

We’re already on Bohol, munching Choco Mucho chocolate bars on the famous Chocolate hills. Take a look at our video with the turtles from Apo Island.