Capital city of Philippines is famous for its Portuguese architecture and big shopping malls, and is the starting point of the most travels around Philippines (the cheapest tickets to and out of the country are from Manila). So you’ll arrive by airplane. Here’s a short Manila travel guide.

Philippines were definitely a nice surprise with all that beautiful blue sea and very friendly people. With more than 7000 islands Philippines deserve way more than 21 days but we made a travel itinerary which lets you discover the best of Philippines in that time. Culture shock in Manila, remote dreamy villages on Palawan, interesting sea creatures and endless discoveries. Get lost in the Philippines!

Some interesting facts we’ve noticed or learned so far about Philippines: – people have some straaange street food like all kinds of barbecued intestines, duck embryo in an egg (called balot), pigs ears and chicken’s butts. Eat all (the stuff we usually throw away)! – their language Tagalog sounds beautiful and looks like a mix of Indonesian and Spanish. – they like to ‘abuse’ free stuff like wifi so there’s no free wifi in coffee shops or malls. – they love malls! Some say because of air con….

It feels like we’ve been in Manila for a week because of all the things we’ve experienced in these two days. Our Instagram friends Tipsy and Pong from cutesy cartoon blog Some of the things we did: – had an amazing lunch in a nice restaurant – tried street food in a student campus: chicken, cow and pigs intestines, chicken butts, and a balot – a boiled duck’s embryo in the egg. Weehee, I was nervous but it went down smoothly. Just eat it in the dark…