Clear blue sea and a few boats on Banda islands.

We’re on the Jakarta airport and I’m barely able to write this post. I’m so sleepy. But we did have an amazing dinner here (beef stew in Baso restaurant on terminal 3, yum!). We’re watching a strange show about Indonesian exorcist and people around are watching intently. We are laughing 🙂   Here are the last of the pictures of historic Bandaneira and autumn Hatta. Soon we’ll be in Myanmar, shooting photos with our new camera! Yaaaaaaay! We just bumped on to a small shop in Ambon and Canon…

Snorkeling on island Ai where the underwater life bustles with life. Banda islands.

Banda islands are supposed to have one of the most beautiful coral reefs in the world. And we have to agree. We’ve snorkeled in Bandaneira, on Ai and Hatta and the coral reef is amazing. Huge corals every shape and size, moving in its life and color.