Top 3 snorkeling spots in Asia.

As you might have noticed, we really love the island life. Great food, mellow vibe with Christmas lights, salty air and superb snorekling. We’ve chosen the top 3 snorkeling spots that you would enjoy for sure. Sharks guaranteed! 😀

1). Hatta island, Maluku islands


Banda islands in general have beautiful coral reefs but the best of the best was the one on Hatta island. Turtles, sharks, huge fish, colorful corals, and even dolphins in the morning. The drop-off was literally just a few steps from the shore. If this is the place that takes some effort to get to, you immediately see that it’s worth it.
You can see a video here or read more.

2) Kanawa island, Komodo national park

The small island in private property accommodates only around 50 people in a neatly built resort, all in bamboo. It’s a reserved marine park so there so no fishing boats and even the view is magnificent. Snorkeling is just amazing, turtles, baby sharks swimming in shallow water, groups of fish and beautiful sea stars.
You can read and see more about Kanawa here.

3) Raja Ampat

We didn’t visit it this time but Mic was there 5 years ago and the memories are still vivid. Always on top for diving Raja Ampat has superb snorkeling. The only problem with this place that it’s getting quite expensive.

It’s not a coincidence that all of the spots are in Indonesia. It just the best underwater place 🙂

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