Top 5 cities in Asia to live in.

People who traveled across Ljubljana, our home town, said it’s one of the cutest capitals in the world. It’s very relaxed with loads of cool cafes, nice parties and good food, not to mention the festivals in summer and all the hot wine in winter. You should see it!

Here are 5 cities we could definitely live in. They’re all manageable and cute, have delicious cheap food, renting a motorbike is affordable, and there are places nearby to discover.

1. Ubud, Bali (Indonesia)

Our own house with rice fields around.


Ubud is a small town in the middle of a touristy Bali. It’s been made famous by Eat, Pray, Love book so it’s pretty westernized but in a way where wholegrain bread and a yoga class are not hard to find. It’s about an hour motorbike from the sea (rent: 2-3€/day). A beautiful house in the middle of the rice fields is 400€/per month, supermarket food is cheap, but sometimes eating street food is even cheaper.
You’ll find lots of entertainment in Ubud. From art galleries, nice concerts and festivals, and because Bali is so small, everything is close. Bali has an airport to just about everywhere so coming here won’t be a problem.

Daily budget: 35€/43$
You can read more about living in Bali here.

2. Pushkar, Rajasthan (India)

Our friendly guesthouse with a garden.


This little oasis in Rajasthan is not for everyone. It’s loud, has lots of cow poo on the streets and stinks a bit. But it has a charm that makes foreigners come together near the lake and play street music. It’s a special city, closed from the masses if people and with lots of variety.
There’s no shopping malls, nail art studios and if you don’t like greasy food, you can just go home (well, there are a few western cafes with healthy food). You can learn how to play tablas, do yoga everyday or meditate. It’s a holy city and you can feel it. You can also feel the effects of bang lassi which is totally not prohibited.

Daily budget: 15€/day.

You can read about our experiences in Pushkar here.

3. Hikkaduwa (Sri Lanka)


Our apartment in Hikkaduwa.


Tourism is booming in Sri Lanka and the country even made it to top 15 destinations chosen this year by Lonely Planet. Small coastal towns are developing quickly and you can find decent apartments for a low price. Local markets will be overflowing with cheap exotic fruit you’ll want to try and don’t forget about the cheap seafood.
Sri Lanka is a small island with friendly locals and with places still undiscovered, where traveling by motorbike or a train is the best thing to do.

Daily budget: 20€/day.

You can read more about Hikkaduwa here.

4. Chiang Mai (Thailand)

cm03 (1)

Cooking class.


Although most of the people think of Thailand’s famous islands, we spent a month on the north. It’s more calm, friendly and bearable. Chiang Mai offers everything from huge modern shopping malls to small local markets where toothless ladies sell big bags of passion fruit.
Renting a flat will cost you only 200 eur per month, and food somewhere between 5-5000 eur. As you wish 🙂 Food is definitely one of the main reasons we back to live in Thailand.
The beautiful islands, on the other hand, are only a short, cheap plane ride away.

Daily budget: 30€/day.

You can read more about delicious Chiang Mai here (see, we came back to CM!) 🙂

5. Hoi An (Vietnam)


Colorful lanterns.


A small town which escaped hoards of tourists and kept all of its ancient charm. With all the lights lanterns by night, cultural heritage, funky bars and delicious food is one of the nicest cities in Vietnam.
Renting an apartment will cost you couple of hundreds per month, just 1 km from ancient town. Food will cost you 10€ if you want to eat veeeery good and drink at least couple of beers.
You can light a candle by the river and make a wish for an online job that could make a living in this cute town possible.

Daily budget: 25€/day.

You can read more about the cute Hoi An here.

These are our favorites. If you have any suggestions, we’ll be happy to hear about it!

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