Tourist in my home town.

Hey guys! It’s been a long time since I actually written something personal on the blog. We have been intensly working/writing/brainstorming for both of our blogs, looking for job opportunities and living a somewhat hectic (normal?) life 🙂 Well, at least I’m no longer confused in front of a full refrigerator. I’m happy to have my cousin living so close to me. I am a little bit scared of a steady job but ready for new challenges. After that we have to find an apartment to rent. Oh, all that domestic problems. Can’t believe that 2 months ago we were in Japan.

We have been invited to enter a photo competition by German tourist organisation and so on Thursday we’re flying to Frankfurt (airplanes, yaaaaaay!) for 5 days. Everything’s already planned and organised by them, we just have to make sure we get cool pictures. It’ll be interesting to experience this since our way of traveling was so spontaneous. We’ll be exploring Toy Road and the small cities which are know for their toys, by rent-a-car.

We’ll still be posting our Budget travel itineraries and we’re starting travel help which is already active on our Slovenian blog.  100 unusual travel tips, a free e-book is also in the making. Or let’s say – translating 🙂

Meanwhile, we’re still being tourists in Ljubljana. We’re enjoying the city and its summer activities like open restaurants in the centre, closing of the big road in the middle of the old city which is now a walking street, good coffee in hipster bars. But still, it would be more comfortable on a messy public bus, going somewhere unknown. Not having so much stuff in our possessions and our minds.

Next time I’ll leave you some photos from lovely Ljubljana.

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