Toy Road: Everyday is Christmas.

It was a hot day in August and I never thought Christmas was so close. Small town Lauscha is known for making Christmas glass ornaments and we went on a tour of Farbglashütte Lauscha. We saw how glass poles are being made and later ornaments, glass animals and plates/glasses. Even artificial eyes. Their store had several Christmas trees with loads of ornaments and since we missed the real Christmas last year I said YEEEEES! 🙂 I even blown my own Christmas ball ornament.

Every day is Christmas in Lauscha.

After visiting a small local shop which makes handmade nativity figures at Marolin, we headed back home. Our German schedule was pretty hectic so we drove to Frankfurt, barely squeezed in dinner and got the plane to Ljubljana.

It was a pleasure to explore the Toy road in Germany, and to have everything organised was even more interesting since this is not our usual traveling plan. And now? Back to blogging and job hunting 😀

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