Travel guide: Camotes (Philippines)

4 islands of Camotes, just couple hours Ferry ride from Cebu city, are a real Valium for a tired traveler who wants to take a break from other travelers. Not much is happening here and this is kind of the point. Here’s a short Camotes travel guide.

How to get to Camotes?

From Cebu city take a bus to Danao from North Bus terminal (30-50 PHP) and tell the driver that you’re going to Camotes). they will drop you off close to the port. Taxi on a meter is also a good and comfy option. From there you’ll take the ferry to Pacijan island (biggest of Camotes islands) where most of the guesthouses are. Ferries from Danao leave at 05:30, 08:30, 11:00, 14:00, 17:30, fridays, saturdays and sundays there is also one ferry at 21h. In Consuelo port there will be a hoard of jeepney drivers that will say you can get to Santiago Bay only if you pay 300 PHP. Resist a bit and they will lower the price for 50 PHP/person which is the ordinary price.

Where to find a hotel in Camotes?

There are several big resorts on the beach that goes from the port to Santiago Bay but the cheapest guesthouses are on Santiago Bay. Dread House has rooms for 300-400 PHP for a really basic double room where you share a bathroom with a family and shower from the bucket. Aaah, the simplicity.

Where to eat in Camotes?

Look for the big silver pots for a cheap meal of 30-50 PHP but have a nice dinner at Santiago bay in the evening and try the raw tuna salad or a fish.


1 $ = 47 PHP

Some useful words 

Hello = Hello, Po (Po is a polite add-on)
Thank you = Thank you Po

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