Travel guide: Cebu (Philippines)

Cebu city is a big crowded city which you can skip if you have the chance. Come on, paradise islands are just around the corner! Here’s a short Cebu travel guide.

How to get to Cebu city?

The easies way to get a taxi is to wait in line for the pre-paid taxi. Just go out of the arrival terminal, cross the road and to the ride up the steps. The line can be preeeetty long but it’s worth the hassle. Taxi runs on a meter which is cheap and you have a ticket with personal details of the taxi driver which you can use  if you’re not satisfied.

Where to find a hotel in Cebu city?

Mango avenue has some of the cheapest hotels, 600-700 PHP for a room. Taxi from the airport will cost you 220 PHP.

Beware: Cebu is famous for pickpockets, especially if you’re using the local transport jeepneys, Our wallet disappeared in smoke and we still don’t know how.

Where to eat in Cebu city?

There’s plenty of small stalls selling snacks everywhere. It’s not the best of choice, probably a simple adobo (meat in soya sauce) or a fried chicken. But it will do till you arrive to the islands 😉


1 $ = 47 PHP

Some useful words 

Hello = Hello, Po (Po is a polite add-on)
Thank you = Thank you Po

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