Travel guide: Manila (Philippines)

Capital city of Philippines is famous for its Portuguese architecture and big shopping malls, and is the starting point of the most travels around Philippines (the cheapest tickets to and out of the country are from Manila). So you’ll arrive by airplane. Here’s a short Manila travel guide.

How to get to Manila?

The challenge ‘how to get to Manila center’ becomes much easier if you know one simple trick. From arrival terminal go to departure terminal where there’s a lot of taxis rhat just brought someone to the airport. They need to return to the city anyway. So just ask someone for a ride and make them use the taximeter. The prices are very cheap (around 170-200 PHP). SOmetimes they want more money so just remember there’s plenty of choice 🙂

Where to find a hotel in Manila?

One of the cheaper guesthouses in Manila is Wanderer’s guesthouse (it’s best to book in advance because they do get booked) for 800 PHP. It’s close to Manila Bay from where you can explore the city.

Where to eat in Manila?

Manila offers a good variety of food (which does not apply to other Philippine cities), especially in the pop-up restaurants in Manila Bay (only in the evening). 50 – 100 PHP.


1 $ = 47 PHP

Some useful words 

Hello = Hello, Po (Po is a polite add-on)
Thank you = Thank you Po

Beware: We heard that taxi can ask for 10 times higher price than the real price or ask for more money when you arrive to your hotel because they took the longer way due to whatever reasons (traffic jam, public holiday, dinosaurs). Just insist on the real price and don’t worry.

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