Travel guide: Moalboal (Philippines)

Moalboal or more correct Panagsama beach is famous for millions of sardines which are saying near the coast because of the food. You can easily have an amazing experience while snorkeling or try diving which is supposed to be divine. That’s about it 😉 Here’s a short Moalboal travel guide.

How to get to Moalboal?

You can get to Moalboal from nearby cities with a bus. If your starting point is Cebu city, go to the South bus terminal and  find the bus there. Bus will drop you in Moalboal town and ride to Panagsama beach with a tricycle should not cost more than 50 PHP (it’s really close).

Where to find a hotel in Moalboal?

We got a double room for 400 PHP but we did visit some places. Moalboal is a small tourist town and the prices can get a bit steep.

Where to eat in Moalboal?

There are some more expensive restaurants with good variety of western food. If you want a budget option find the big silver pots 🙂 20 -50 PHP.

What to do in Moalboal?

Well besides saying HI to sardines, you need to visit Kawasan waterfalls. They are so beautiful! To get there, stand on the right side (coming from Panagsama beach) and stop the first bus that drives by. The ride costs around 20 PHP. For visiting the Kawasan waterfalls you don’t need a guide, even though the crowd at the entrance will tell you otherwise. 30 min of easy walking will get you to milky blue heaven.

You can also visit White beach. But you know. There are plenty of nice beaches in the Philippines. Just saying.


1 $ = 47 PHP

Some useful words 

Hello = Hello, Po (Po is a polite add-on)
Thank you = Thank you Po

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