Travel itinerary: A month in Bali, Thailand and Japan.

3 countries in a month? For some people who want to see lots of different things and don’t have enugh time, this might be a good itinerary. 3 beautiful countries, each has its own paradise spots. First it’s jungle Bali, then highlands of north Thailand and last crazy Japan!

Travel itinerary: Bali, Thailand and Japan

Duration: 27 days

  • Day 1: Arrive to Denpasar. Win the battle with all the taxi drivers and find a cheap room at Poppies lane 1 or 2.
  • Day 2: Kuta. Explore the beaches, bars and souvenir stalls in Kuta but then it’s time to move on.
  • Day 3: UbudRelax from all the hassle in Kuta and enjoy Ubud’s culture.
  • Day 4: Ubud. Read, walk among the rice fields and have a good dinner.
  • Day 5: Gili Air. Snorkelling, beach time and sea food.
  • Day 6: Gili Air. Morning run, coconut juice and beer at sunset.
  • Day 7: Gili Meno. Day trip to the calmer of the Gili islands.
  • Day 8: Fly to Bangkok. Move to Denpasar and hop on the plane to Bangkok.
  • Day 9: Chiang Mai. Night bus to Chiang Mai, hopefully sleeping the whole time.
  • Day 10: Chiang Mai. Rent a bicycle and drive around the city.
  • Day 11: Chiang Mai. Hop it’s Sunday so you can spend an afternoon and evening at Sunday walking market.
  • Day 12: Mae Salong Walk around the small village and try their delicious tea.
  • Day 13: Mae Salong. Walk around the traditional villages.
  • Day 14: Chiang Rai. Visor the famous White temple and catch the evening train to Bangkok.
  • Day 15: Bangkok. Buy some Thai spices and fly to Osaka in the evening.
  • Day 16: Osaka. Spend a day in Osaka and get use to the cleanliness and bowing.
  • Day 17: Kyoto. Ride a train to magical Kyoto and explore the centre.
  • Day 18: Kyoto. See a temple or two and in the evening hunt for Geishas in Gion.
  • Day 19: Nara. Visit the dreamy Nara with all its deer.
  • Day 20: Kanazawa. City of samurais and ninjas. Haaa-eee-aaa!
  • Day 21: Shirakawa-go. Visit this alpine village and try  local specialty. Sleep in Matsumoto.
  • Day 22: Matsumoto. See the famous black and white castle and spend an evening in a traditional bath – onset.
  • Day 23:  Fujiyoshida. Spend a day admiring mountain Fuji.
  • Day 24: Tokyo. Welcome to the future! Go to Akihabara and Asakusa district.
  • Day 25: Tokyo. Walk around Shinjuku and go to see Harajuku dolls.
  • Day 26: Tokyo. Visit one of the many interesting museums or just get lost in this big city.
  • Day 27: Tokyo. Last day to enjoy Tokyo and then fly home.

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Travel itinerary map

What to bring?

  • 35 l backpack and a smaller bag
  • 5 shirts, 3 shorts
  • 1 sweater, 1 pants
  • Flip flops and light walking shoes
  • Sleeping bag
  • Some travel medicine
  • Add what you need

Tips for traveling in Bali, Thailand and Japan

To save some money and time on finding the cheapest accommodation, it’s best to travel to these countries in low season. After New Year’s or late in Autumn. Because you’re going to visit 3 different countries, be prepared for all kinds of weather. You might get in a heat wave in Bali, monsoon in Thailand or snow in Japanese Alps.

Don’t book your accommodation in Bali and Thailand but do book in Japan (especially weekends are more booked and expensive).

Here are some budget tips about Japan’s accommodation and transport.

Expenses for your budget trip to Bali, Thailand and Japan


Accommodation: 5,5 $
Food: 6,5 $
Transportation: 6,5 $
All together: 18,5 $ per day


Accommodation: 4,5 $
Food: 5,5 $
Transportation: 4,5 $
All together: 14,5 $ per day


Accommodation: 15 $
Food: 17 $
Transportation: 10 $
All together: 42 $ per day

Expenses before leaving

Visa for Thailand: free (check for your country)

Visa for Japan: free (check for your country)

Visa for Indonesia: 30 $ (check for your country)

Travel insurance: minimum 55 $ (depends fro where you are)

Expenses: 839 $


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