Travel itinerary: Philippines, the island getaway.

Philippines offer so many different ways of itineraries and options of traveling, you could explore them for months. Or years! This is an itinerary for those beach bums who like to feel the white sand beneath their feet, play football with local children and drink a beer at the pastel pink sunset. Here are 17 days of heaven 😉

P.S.: Click on the names to go to Travel help for every city which tells you how where to eat, what to see and which transportation to use!

Travel itinerary: Island getaway on the Philippines.

Duration of this travel itinerary to Philippines: 17 days

Day 1: Land in Manila. Lalala. You’re on holidaaaay so have a walk around Manila Bay and drink the well deserved San Miguel.
Day 2: Cebu. Even if you like big crowded cities, move along as quickly as possible. The beaches are waiting just around the corner.
Day 3 : Moalboal. Try snorkeling or diving with millions of sardines.
Day 4: Moalboal. Take a day trip to beautiful Kawasan waterfalls and swim in the milky blue water.
Day 5: Oslob. Another out-of-the-world experience – wake up early and snorkel with whale sharks! You’ll see them 100 %.
Day 6: Via Dumaguete to Apo island. Island Apo is actually a turtle sanctuary so you you see loads of turtles while snorkeling. Diving is also beautiful, they say.
Day 7: Apo island. Go to the top of the island for a good view and don’t forget to say goodbye to the turtles.
Day 8: Via Dumaguete to Siquijor. Explore one of the quieter islands with beautiful sunsets.
Day 9: Siquijor. Yoga in the morning, lunch in one of the local restaurnats, beer on the beach and sunset. What else do you need?
Day 10: Siquijor. Now is a good time to learn headstand!
Day 11: Bohol. Arrive to Tagbilaran, rent a motorbike and drive to Chocolate hills.
Day 12: Bohol. Spend the night on Alona beach and go snorkeling the next day on Balicasag island. Find all the nudiebranches!
Day 13: Via Cebu city to Camotes. Islands which are not yet discovered by Westerners. Make a tour of sweet water caves!
Day 14: Camotes. Drive around and meet locals. Have a romantic dinner on Santiago bay beach.
Day 15: Camotes. Enjooooy! It’s your last beach day.
Day 16: Manila. Visit the biggest shopping mall in Manila and have seafood dinner in one of the pop-up restaurants in Manila Bay.
Day 17: Manila – home, boohoo. Have a safe flight!

Other options: There are several options around Cebu island you can visit instead of Camotes like Malapascua, Batayan or something else.

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What to bring?

  • 35 l backpack and a smaller bag
  • 5 shirts, 3 shorts
  • 1 sweater, 1 pants
  • Flip flops and light walking shoes
  • Sleeping bag
  • Some travel medicine
  • Add what you need

Good to know

Philippines have several climate zones and that’s why raining is almost inevitable. Even when the typhoon hits, it comes fast, has some impact and then quickly leaves.

Locals speak English very good so there won’t be trouble communicating. They are also very open and friendly so you won’t need much to start a conversation and make new friends.

Bargaining on Philippines is necessary especially in the touristy areas. Take your time and pay the right price (which for them is still a fortune) for rooms, motorbikes and boat trips. Not 10 times more.

Expenses for your budget trip to Philippines

  • Accommodation: 7 $/day
  • Food: 6 $/day
  • Transportation: 7 $/day

All together: 20 $/day

  • Plane ticket Manila – Cebu city – Manila: 100 $

 Expenses before leaving

Visa cost: Free visa on arrival for 1 month


Expenses: 440 $

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