Travel itinerary: Philippines and Vietnam

Here's our free travel itinerary for Philippines and Vietnam. You can experience the best of both in one month. Read if you want to know more details about this budget trip.

Here’s the first of our 100 free budget itineraries! If you think traveling for one month is expensive and visiting more than two countries is too much stress, read this travel itinerary and expenses for budget traveling. Maybe you’ll change your mind 🙂

Philippines are a paradise for those who want to explore beautiful islands and remote villages with friendly people, and Vietnam is known for its delicious food and beautiful nature views. In this 26-day travel itinerary we chose two countries which are not always matched on the same trip. But hey, why not? You’ll get an unforgettable experience which won’t even cost you a lot of money. Perfect for budget traveling.

Travel itinerary: Philippines and Vietnam

Duration: 26 days

  • Day 1: Arrive to Cebu City (Cebu island, Philippines). Enjoy a seafood dinner in one of the street restaurants.
  • Day 2: Moalboal. Take your mask and fins and say hello to millions of sardines.
  • Day 3: Moalboal. Spend the day on beautiful Kawasaki waterfalls and swim in milky turquoise water.
  • Day 4: Oslob. Take a walk and try a local specialty (Philipinos love grilled intestines on a stick).
  • Day 5: Oslob. wake up early and snorkel or dive with whale sharks!
  • Day 6: Apo island. Have and easy day in the quiet village.
  • Day 7: Apo Island. All day snorkelling with thousands of turtles in their sea turtle sanctuary.
  • Day 8: Tagbilaran (Bohol island). Take a rest and rent a motorbike for a road trip around Bohol.
  • Day 9: Bohol road trip. Visit the famous (but inedible) Chocolate hills.
  • Day 10: Bohol road trip. You can go up to the north of the island where no tourist go and enjoy everyday life of local people.
  • Day 11: Bohol road trip. Let the time go by on the beautiful Anda beach.
  • Day 12: Bohol road trip. Go to Alona beach which has more tourists but also more choice.
  • Day 13: Bohol road trip. Diving, snorkelling or gourmet seafood dinner. Or all!
  • Day 14: Cebu City, Cebu island. Time to buy souvenirs and take the night plane to Vietnam.
  • Day 15: Arrive to Ho Chi Minh city (ex Saigon). Time for some cheap beer and delicious Vietnamese food.
  • Day 16: Ho Chi Minh. Explore the city in the morning and don’t forget to see the war museum.
  • Day 17: Hoi An. Take in the magical city with it’s colourful lanterns and take pictures of Vietnamese honeymooners on the river.
  • Day 18: Hoi An. Walk around the town (yay for no-car zone), enjoy deliciously cheap street food and fresh beer for 30 cents. Maybe even have a dress/suit made for third of the price.
  • Day 19: Hoi An. Another day in the city. Just because it’s so nice. If you need a change, rent a bike and cycle trough the rice fields to the beach and spend the day there.
  • Day 20: Halong Bay. Observe the beautiful nature and smell the salty sea air.
  • Day 21: Halong Bay. Take a boat trip and don’t forget your underwater camera!
  • Day 22: Hanoi. Take a short break in this cool capital.
  • Day 23: Sapa. Trek the beautiful villages in the Sapa valley.
  • Day 24: Sapa. Finish your trek with a good rest and local rice brandy tasting.
  • Day 25: Hanoi. Take the last day to explore the city and don’t forget to buy souvenirs for you mom so she won’t be angry.
  • Day 26: Fly home from Hanoi.


Travel itinerary map


What to bring?

  • 35 l backpack and a smaller bag
  • 5 shirts, 3 shorts
  • 1 sweater, 1 pants
  • Flip flops and light walking shoes
  • Sleeping bag
  • Some travel medicine
  • Add what you need

Expenses for your budget trip to Philippines and Vietnam

Prices are calculated on minimum (what we experienced) but you can always splurge a little bit 🙂


Cost of accommodation: 6 $/day

Cost of food: 6 $/day

Cost of transport: 4 $/day

Cost for Philippines all together: 16 $/day


Cost of accommodation: 5 $/day

Cost of food: 6 $/day

Cost of transport: 6 $/day

Cost for Vietnam all together: 17 $/day

Plane ticket Cebu City-Ho Chi Minh: 220 $

Expenses before leaving

Philippines visa: Free for 1 month (check information about Philippines visa here)

Vietnam visa: 45 $ (check about Vietnam visa here)

Travel insurance for one month: minimum 55 $

Airplane ticket: depends on where you are

Expenses: 748$


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