Travel itinerary: Philippines.

Philippines were definitely a nice surprise with all that beautiful blue sea and very friendly people. With more than 7000 islands Philippines deserve way more than 21 days but we made a travel itinerary which lets you discover the best of Philippines in that time. Culture shock in Manila, remote dreamy villages on Palawan, interesting sea creatures and endless discoveries. Get lost in the Philippines!

Travel itinerary: Philippines

Duration of Philippines travel itinerary: 21 days

  • Day 1: Landing in Manila. Taste the sweet culture shock and walk the Manila bay area for sunset. There are also some cheap seafood restaurants with great food.
  • Day 2: Fly to Puerto Princesa. Hello Palawan! Relax and easily walk the streets of this cute sea town.
  • Day 3: Puerto Princesa. Rent a bike and explore the surroundings. Butterfly garden or crocodile farm? There’s lots to see!
  • Day 4: El Nido. After a long ride from Puerto Princesa it’s time to rest and enjoy the evening on the beautiful Las Cabanas beach.
  • Day 5: El Nido. Rent a bike and just ride. There are plenty of beaches, waterfalls and view points to see.
  • Day 6: El Nido. Take an organised boat tour and see the amazing cliffs of El Nido. Not to mention secret beaches and lagoons. Don’t forget your GoPro.
  • Day 7: Port Barton. Have you ever done nothing and had the best time? Now you know 🙂
  • Day 8: Port Barton. Get up early, do some yoga and swim i the calm sea. Take a half day trip to the waterfall and swim in the fresh water. Or take a boat tour around Port Barton’s paradise islands.
  • Day 9: Port Barton. Walk to the beautiful white beach, relax and for dinner find that tuna you have been craving from day one.
  • Day 10: Puerto Princesa. Last day on Palawan. Treat yourself with something nice.
  • Day 11: Oslob. After a morning flight take a bus to Oslob. Go to sleep early.
  • Day 12: Oslob. Snorkelling with whale sharks, yay! After breakfast go to Dumaguete and take a ferry to Bohol.
  • Day 13: Tagbilaran. Hello Bohol! Rent a bike and drive around town in the evening.
  • Day 14: Bohol road trip. See the amazing Chocolate hills (close to town Carmen).
  • Day 15: Bohol road trip. Drive to the north of the island, to a small town Talibon, where no tourists go.
  • Day 16: Bohol road trip. Spend a day on beautiful local Anda beach and have a word or two with friendly locals.
  • Day 17: Bohol road trip. Dive on the beautiful island of Balicasag for a really low price or just snorkel all day.
  • Day 18: Bohol road trip. Take a morning swim and then head to Tagbilaran to catch a ferry to Cebu city.
  • Day 19: Cebu City. Althugh the city is nothing special, spend one day around Cebu city. It may surprise you.
  • Day 20: Manila. No more culture shock so you can walk around Manila’s old town and modern shopping malls all you like.
  • Day 21: Manila. Last hours for shopping and then fly back home.



Travel itinerary map

What to bring?

  • 35 l backpack and a smaller bag
  • 5 shirts, 3 shorts
  • 1 sweater, 1 pants
  • Flip flops and light walking shoes
  • Sleeping bag
  • Some travel medicine
  • Add what you need

Good to know

Philippines have several climate zones and that’s why raining is almost inevitable. Even when the typhoon hits, it comes fast, has some impact and then quickly leaves.

Locals speak English very good so there won’t be trouble communicating. They are also very open and friendly so you won’t need much to start a conversation and make new friends.

Bargaining on Philippines is necessary especially in the touristy areas. Take your time and pay the right price (which for them is still a fortune) for rooms, motorbikes and boat trips. Not 10 times more.

Expenses for your budget trip to Philippines

  • Accommodation: 7 $/day
  • Food: 6 $/day
  • Transportation: 7 $/day

All together: 20 $/day

  • Plane ticket Manila – Puerto Princesa (Palawan): 33 $
  • Plane ticket Puerto Princesa (Palawan) – Cebu City (Cebu): 48 $
  • Plane ticket Cebu City (Cebu) – Manila: 27 $

 Expenses before leaving

Visa cost: Free visa on arrival for 1 month

Plane ticket: depends on where you are 🙂

Travel insurance for 1 month: minimum 55 $

Expenses: 583 $


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