Travelbook: Restless Traveler’s Syndrome

Yaaaaaaay! We have some important news to share! We’ve settled in Chiang Mai and are working on a couple of projects and one of them is our very own book on the crowdfunding travel site Travelstarter. I’ve talked about it before but just a little recap: funding local projects around the world. Let’s say you’re planning to go to Philippines, you can donate to a project situated there and have benefits when you go to Philippines.

Ours is a travelbook, with a rather tongue twister name 🙂 Restless Traveler’s Syndrome: Asia. So many beautiful places and experiences should be captured in a book, right? A year of local experiences which our low budget style of traveling enabled us. Local buses, small street food stalls and drinking coffee with people, just sitting on the pavement are one of our favorite memories with Mic’s philosophical touch and my quirky humor. We have loads of camera material we haven’t posted on the blog and more stories we want to share. Book will be enriched with an interactive web page with additional pictures and music from all the places we visited so the reading will have a more dimensional twist.

The cutest author in the world! 🙂


Mic, writing a book on an Indian train from Madurai to Kochi.

I must say we are super excited! We were secretly talking about a travel book from the beginning of our journey but it’s impossible for someone like us to publish it. First of all, we have no funds and we were always on the move. So now that we have settled in Chiang Mai for two months we have a chance with Travelstarter. We’re raising money for our book (written in Slovene), translation to English and web page development. Take a look if you’re interested 🙂

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