Trekking Luang Namtha part I.

Misty village where we slept the first night of our trekking Luang Namtha.

Weather forecast said rain, rain, rain but we still decided to do a 3 day trek around Luang Namtha. Some agencies are really expensive (around 120 $/day for two) but we bargained for 50 $/day for two at Nature Trail Eco agency which had the best prices for trekking Luang Namtha.
We started the day after a stormy night with a long jeep ride to a village, where you can also stay (and probably do the trek much cheaper) but I forgot the name. It was wet and muddy. Interesting start 🙂 Walking uphill in the jungle was quite challenging but we took a lot of rest. Probably because our village where we spent the night was close.
Bare ground, red dirt and animals everywhere. We arrived in the most basic village I have ever seen. Well, maybe as basic as Mentawai tribes on Siberut. Children in ragged clothes were running around, couple of old grandmas with babies in baskets came and said a silent hello and men were talking in front of their wooden houses. Simple houses that accommodate around 10 people. Interesting about this tribe (Lahu) is that when a child is 13 years old they make a tiny attached bedroom for him/her to sleep in.

Trekking Luang Namtha. Remote village where we slept the first night was very basic and didn't have running water and just little electricity from some solar cells.
And where did we sleep? In the chicken house! The smell was horrible but at least after a couple of minutes you didn’t smell the chicken shit anymore.
One interesting thing about this village that they didn’t seem to have any crops (but I’m not 100 % sure because our guide wasn’t so knowledgeable about them, I’m not even sure if he spoke their language which is different than Laos language). They did have a lot of animals. Couple of dozens of cows, several pigs with piglets, dogs and puppies (so cuuuuute!) and of course many chicken.
We went to sleep very early on dusty mattresses and of course it started to pour in the middle of the night.

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