Ubud life.

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Some of you might remember that we’ve already fallen in love Ubud way back in August 2014. We stayed in a beautiful new house in the middle of the rice fields and just took some rest from all the heavy traveling. 8 months of constantly moving has its toll. So when we came into the house, it was pure bliss. Open shower, big bed and our own kitchen. Heaven!

Our cute house.

So when we were stuck in high season in Thailand and started planning our escape to low season Bali, we searched for houses in Ubud. We found Lucas, manager of several houses here on Campuhan’s ridge (and now runs a meditation yoga studio in Barcelona), and our house we stayed at before and ta-daaaa, we’re back here! And even though this house is just near Campuhan ridge, the number 1 attraction for Ubud on Tripadvisor, we are hidden from all the tourists, behind the lush garden of the house 🙂

We’ve rented a motorbike and are doing trips around the island when we’re not working. I’ll post pictures in separate posts and I promise to post more!

Thanks for being here 🙂


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